Dr. Saxton: A Renowned Mold Illness Doctor in Texas at Roots Integrative Medicine

Exposure to mold can lead to a wide range of health issues, often referred to collectively as mold illness. If you’re looking for an expert in treating mold illness in Texas, Dr. Saxton of Roots Integrative Medicine in Marble Falls is a name you can trust.

Understanding Mold Illness

Mold illness is a term often used to describe a variety of symptoms that can occur following exposure to certain types of mold. These symptoms can include chronic fatigue, respiratory issues, joint pain, cognitive problems, and more. The medical community recognizes certain mold-related illnesses, such as allergies, asthma, and infections. However, there’s ongoing debate about other health issues linked to mold exposure.

While not everyone exposed to mold will get sick, some individuals are particularly sensitive and may develop a condition known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) as a result of exposure to water-damaged buildings.

Dr. Saxton: A Leader in Treating Mold Illness in Texas

In the heart of Texas, in the scenic town of Marble Falls, Dr. Saxton stands at the forefront of the battle against mold illness. At her practice, Roots Integrative Medicine, Dr. Saxton leverages her extensive training and experience in holistic and integrative medicine to offer comprehensive treatment plans for those suffering from mold illness.

Under Dr. Saxton’s guidance, Roots Integrative Medicine provides an array of services aimed at not only treating the symptoms of mold illness but also addressing the root causes of the condition. Her team employs a multi-faceted approach to mold illness, offering patients strategies for healing that are tailored to their unique health profiles.

Mold Illness Treatment at Roots Integrative Medicine

At Roots Integrative Medicine, the treatment plan for mold illness involves a holistic, patient-centered approach. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that addresses all aspects of their wellbeing, from their physical health to their lifestyle and mental wellbeing.

The approach to treatment may include dietary modifications, supplements, pharmaceuticals when needed, and lifestyle changes designed to reduce exposure to mold and mitigate its effects.

Roots Integrative Medicine: A Pioneer in Mold Illness Treatment in Texas

Roots Integrative Medicine, led by Dr. Saxton, is redefining the way mold illness is treated in Texas. By providing comprehensive, individualized care, Dr. Saxton and her team are helping Texans find relief from the debilitating symptoms of mold illness.

Whether you’re a long-term resident of Texas or new to the state, if you’re suffering from symptoms that may be linked to mold exposure, consider reaching out to Roots Integrative Medicine. Embark on your journey towards healing today.


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