Ozone insufflation therapy is a unique modality using ozone to help optimize treatment plans and healing. There are a variety of ways this can be used as an adjunct to healing at Roots Integrative Medicine.

Health and wellness is a main subject of interest in society today. But what does it really mean to be healthy?

Being healthy is about having abounding energy, flexible joints and muscles, and ingenious brain function—all till we are 100 years old. Being healthy means being excited each day for what it will bring, freedom to do anything that we wish in life, with the ability to mentally and physically handle any of the “curve balls” that will be thrown our way. Being healthy means living each day to the fullest—from sun up to sun down.

How can you be healthy?
In order for us to be healthy, our cells need to be healthy. That makes sense; we are made out of trillions of cells. And healthy cells need oxygen. But don’t we get enough oxygen from the air we breathe? In short, the answer is no.

Anaerobic is relating to, involving, or requiring an absence of oxygen. So anaerobes are organisms that grow without air, or require an oxygen-free environment to live. Most infections or disease occur because our body’s lack of oxygen gives these anaerobes conditions to thrive

We are constantly lacking oxygen due to polluted air, sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet. The toxins we are constantly being flooded with and absorb into our bodies require a lot of oxygen to in turn eliminate. This function requires more than we have in “reserves.”

For example, the growth of cancer cells is a fermentation of sugar process, which can only be initiated by the absence of oxygen. So the more oxygen you have in your body, the harder it is for cancer to grow.

The lack of oxygen in our bodies is causing an over-growth of harmful microbes, which will lead to a breakdown of enzymatic reactions, overload of metabolic wastes and ultimately the death of cells. It also causes mental decrease, increases cyclic mood disorders, prevents detoxification, and accelerates degenerative diseases.

Low levels of oxygen cause the accumulation of lactic acid, which causes pain. Lactic acid also causes degeneration, which is another term for aging. Low levels of oxygen also cause injuries to heal slowly. The reason that some injuries completely heal and others don’t has to do with circulation. In order for a damaged area of the body to regenerate and heal, it must have the critical elements that only the blood can provide: vitamins, minerals, and oxygen.

One of the best ways to resolve chronic pain patterns, increase circulation and nutrient distribution and arrest the aging process is to restore oxygen levels. An excellent way to do this is thru insufflation therapy.

This treatment method puts a powerful ozone/ oxygen mixture (actually a gas) through a small catheter into the colon of the patient. This is a painless application
of oxygen that is highly effective at delivering one of the most critical elements to life itself.

The infusion of gas into one’s rectum is not as strange a procedure as one might think. Many surgeons know the colon as “the third lung”. Around the world it is an accepted procedure during lung transplants and other surgeries, to infuse 100% oxygen into the colon. This oxygen is readily absorbed by the blood vessels surrounding the colon, and helps to ensure the patient maintains adequate oxygen supply during these procedures.

Anyone using any form of ozone therapy must ensure they are taking antioxidants! The usual complement of supplements includes: beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, selenium, and vitamin A if desired.

This is not only to protect the patient, but also to ensure sufficient quantities of the correct enzymes are in place before ozone begins to “push” certain biochemical reactions within the body.

There are other types or delivery methods of insufflation using medical grade ozone for the purpose of eradicating infection and improving cellular function. The same principles can be applied for ear and nasal insufflation as well as vaginal insufflation.

Rectal insufflation can be used for just about any
chronic and systemic condition or infection as
noted above. Once in circulation, ozone can be an
extremely useful boost to the immune system as well
as killing unwanted pathogens and microbes. Due
to it’s direct infusion to the GI tract, it would be the
obvious choice for leaky gut, hemorrhoids, Cohn’s,
Inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, cancers of
the GI tract, and much, much more

Due to the direct delivery into the female cavity this
particular treatment can be utilized for conditions
such as infertility, endometriosis, painful periods,
yeast infections, PCOS, fibroids, hormonal
imbalances, or even unexplained pelvic pain

Ear/ Nasal
For the treatment of obvious infections, viruses and
bacteria such as sinus infections, pneumonia, strep
throat, etc. focusing ozone insufflation in the ears
and nose can be highly effective at accelerating the
healing process. From a natural standpoint, this type
of treatment should be considered before antibiotics,
other medications, and even surgeries.
This treatment is also known to have massive impact
on brain fog, ADD, memory, seizures, and other
neurological and brain conditions as it is a direct
infusion giving the brain exactly what it needs for cellular
communication, circulation and improved function

*Although used by an estimated ten million patients in Europe since the early 1960’s, the therapeutic use of medical ozone (technically known as a “bio-oxidative therapy”) is largely a mystery to North Americans. Hailed as a safe, effective and low-cost treatment for a wide spectrum of diseases- including Candida, cancer, heart problems and infections- proponents feel that they can go far in resolving America’s health care crisis.


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