Tackling the Tick-borne Challenge at Roots Integrative Medicine

In the realm of complex health challenges, Lyme disease occupies a unique position. Characterized by a range of symptoms that can mimic other illnesses and conditions, Lyme disease requires specialized expertise for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. In the heart of Texas, Dr. Saxton at Roots Integrative Medicine provides that expertise, offering hope and healing to those grappling with this challenging tick-borne disease.

The Lone Star State and Lyme Disease: An Evolving Narrative

Texas, renowned for its diverse landscape and dynamic spirit, has witnessed an increasing incidence of Lyme disease, a trend reflected nationwide. The disease, primarily transmitted through the bite of infected black-legged ticks, has been identified in every U.S. state, including Texas. A growing need for specialized medical practitioners adept at diagnosing and treating Lyme disease has led to a burgeoning field of Lyme-literate doctors across the country, with Texas playing a prominent role.

In the picturesque city of Marble Falls, Central Texas, Dr. Saxton at Roots Integrative Medicine is a beacon of hope for many dealing with Lyme disease. A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Dr. Saxton brings an integrated approach to Lyme disease treatment, combining traditional medical practices with holistic and alternative pathways.

A member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), Dr. Saxton has completed their physician training program and attends their conferences annually. This dedicated involvement in the Lyme disease community ensures that Dr. Saxton remains up-to-date with the latest research and treatment protocols in the field.

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